Restorative justice has become central in my life. I became part of the restorative justice family more than two decades ago when I met Dr. Gordon Bazemore, Anne Seymour, and the late, great Dennis Maloney, my mentors. When first learning about community and restorative justice, I became a “believer"

While restorative justice begins at the point of the crime or wrongdoing, community justice expands to prevention/intervention and aftercare with a priority of community and justice system engagement. When victims, offenders and community members apply its principles, the results can be transformational. Restorativeness, however, certainly goes well beyond the justice system. We are able to apply the basic principles to our everyday lives - living in shalom - living in right relationships with our families, friends, and neighbors. This is the premise of my teachings to my students, trainings, research, and work in the community.

My areas of specialization for lectures, speeches, consultation, training and technical assistance include: principles and practices of restorative justice, program planning, implementation and evaluation, development of a restorative continuum (prevention – restorative strategies and practices in educational settings including schools, colleges, and universities, intervention, diversion, commitment, and aftercare), alternative dispute resolution, mediation, community building and engagement, and gender-responsive programming.

My life and work are dedicated to my children, Lauren, Breann, and Conner…the sunshine of my life!

Sandra Pavelka, Ph.D.

Community & Restorative Justice Associates